miniDSP DDRC-22D - Hometheatershack

"I can enthusiastically recommend the miniDSP DDRC-22D as a truly Pro-Level DRC offering. The sonic ultra hair-splitters are probably more interested in their own hand-tuning techniques over DRC, but even they enjoy a break once in awhile. For most listeners, miniDSP's DDRC family provides a lot of tweaking flexibility while delivering top-notch results quickly and easily."

"Dirac Live with the NSM Model 5 test case could do no wrong. The other test cases might have come closer to perfection with a few more tries. Remember that a better starting point gives better final results. There is no substitute for attention to detail when working with DRC.

But the main point is the bang for the buck that Dirac Live delivers, delivering great sonic results with minimum trouble at a reasonable cost from a company that stands ready to keep you happy."

Dirac Live RCS Full - Stereophile

"Dirac's Live Room Correction Suite has hooked me. Yes, it's limited to 24-bit/96kHz PCM resolution (24/192 is promised), but no matter. More experiments, comparisons, and independent measurements will follow—but for now, Dirac LRCS has made me confident that file-based multichannel playback can sound as good as any from physical discs—and maybe even better."

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